From Ukraine with Love

From Ukraine with Love
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Project: From Ukraine with Love

Helping women IDPs to gain an economic foothold, and avoid a financial and psychological crisis

Sponsored organization: FOP L.V. Yurkova

Project Category: Relief

Period: April, 2023

Total Impact: 27 




Location: Cherkasy, Ukraine

Natalia from Kharkiv

Meet Natalia. She moved to Cherkasy from Kharkiv because of her daughter. During the two weeks they spent in the bomb shelter, Natalia's daughter sat in one place with a blank stare, refusing to go upstairs to change her clothes or shower. Natalia recalls that the child became paralyzed with fear, "We had to do something urgently. But moving was also very challenging. Then, gradually, life started to return to normal, even though not quite how it used to be, but still." Natalia applied to the project because she felt lonely and needed money to live. It is almost impossible to find a new job during the war. So she was delighted to get an opportunity to earn money. Now Natalia can communicate with IDPs like her and earn a living to support her daughter, graduating from high school this year.

Svitlana from Makiivka

For Svitlana, the war did not begin on February 24, 2022, but when her home in Makiivka, Donetsk Oblast, came under Russian occupation back in 2015. Svitlana was a successful entrepreneur in Makiivka, but she left everything behind and moved to Kramatorsk. Her mother remained in Makiivka, which is a big concern for Svitlana. She still hopes to meet up with her mother, although coping with her anxiety is becoming increasingly difficult. She moved to Cherkasy in March with her son and daughter-in-law. Taking care of them is a distraction. Knitting bags, which Svitlana has been doing for more than ten years, also helps to distract her from worrying thoughts. And after joining our project, she also successfully mastered knitting toys. In addition, Svitlana is fond of macramé and fabric painting and follows handmade novelties. Our friendly team gives her the strength to keep going.

Larysa from Kharkiv

Larysa moved to Cherkasy from Kharkiv at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. It was too scary to stay in the city with constant shelling. Larysa lost her husband a long time ago and has a disability. Despite this, she is now taking care of her elderly mother. She felt very uncomfortable in the new city, and her fears for the future did not leave her day or night. But when Larysa came to our project, everything changed dramatically for her. She seemed to prosper in the circle of girls. And she became the soul of the whole team. On her initiative, we visited Cherkasy museums, theaters, exhibition halls, and coffee shops. She is also very creative in her work, decorating handmade toy cats, and is very responsible about her work.

Project Budget: $5000


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