Everyone Can!

Everyone Can!
Project Information

Project: Everyone Can!

Financial Literacy, Vocational Training, and Professional Support for Displaced Women

Sponsored organization: FOP Lyudmila Yurkova

Project Category: Resilience

Period: since August 2022

Total Impact: 834 





Location: Cherkasy region

Providing new professional skills for self-sufficiency or opening a business.

This project has launched successfully, and the project owner has continued to be an absolute hero. They have already recruited the first cohort of IDP women to create hand-made dolls to be sold online in the US. Training is underway, as website development and a logistical supply chain, including export and shipping. Now the most significant challenge the project is facing is mental health. According to data, central Ukraine, specifically Cherkasy, has become a major settling point for IDPs from southern and eastern Ukraine. The high concentration of IDPs has saturated the labor market and the local ecosystem in general, leading to a degradation in mental health. At this stage in the conflict, all have significant losses of people and property and the inability to imagine doing something new. These women need professional help, and this will help the project survive.

Project Budget: $30,415


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