Dobro Dim

Dobro Dim
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Project: Dobro Dim

A complete, full service project for children IDPs and their families to receive immediate psychological support.

Sponsored organization: Dobro Dim

Project Category: Relief

Period: April 2023

Total Impact: 533





Location: Dnipro, Ukraine

Maria Fesenko, 9 years old, from Polohy.

Maria came to DobroDom from Polohy, a city in the Zaporizhzhya region, which has been under occupation since March 3, 2022. Maria's family spent an entire month under occupation. It was terrifying and difficult. 

After surviving constant loud shelling, Maria came to us very frightened and barely spoke. Upon leaving the city, the girl saw her school destroyed and windows blown out, so she was very worried.

Maria likes DobroDom very much. It is a stark difference after a long period without proper communication with her peers because distance learning at school barely offered any socialization. The girl loves participating in all kinds of entertainment and parties at DobroDom, especially for the first-ever Pajama Party at the Center! 

A speech and language therapist is working with her individually to help her deal with speech problems due to the military intervention. So far, the results have been promising. Maria started communicating more with her peers and became more relaxed.

DobroDim is a wonderful place for kids of all ages to spend time, and the family is delighted to be there.

Yaroslava Petrishcheva, 9 years old, from Nikopol. 

Yaroslava is a brilliant and cheerful girl. She was referred to DobroDim with irritability and constant mood swings. "During the diagnosis, we found out about the girl's suicidal tendencies," said Anastasia, the DobroDim Director. "We conducted therapy, investigated the causes, and found that the girl had a conflict with her older sister, and behind the desire to die, there was a need to be heard, supported, and understood. We work on fears, use art therapy methods, and learn to understand ourselves and our inner feelings, increasing our emotional intelligence".

Milana Nesen, 7 years old, from Nikopol. 

Milana came to Dnipro from Nikopol and currently lives with her parents in a dormitory. When she first arrived at our Center, she was very aggressive, hitting and pushing other children, throwing toys, biting, and cursing with bad words. From the very first day, a psychologist started working with her. Unfortunately, this aggression appeared at the beginning of the war. It was her way of dealing with stress. The girl and her mother lived in Nikopol under the sound of explosions for a long time. This had a very negative impact on her psychological state. Now the girl often attends workshops and English classes. Her behavior has become much better. Thanks to her work with a psychologist, Milana began to learn to express her emotions in other, more friendly ways. She became much calmer. Her drawings show how her psychological state has changed for the better. Now the girl wants to visit a speech therapist at our Center. Soon, she will start working with a speech therapist.

Project Budget: $5000


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