Dobre Dim

Dobre Dim
Project Information

Project: Dobre Dim

Complete Psychological Support and Education for Displaced Children

Sponsored organization: Anastasia Novgorodova

Project Category: Resilience

Period: since August 2022

Total Impact: 946 





Location: Dnipro region

Organization and facilitation of the Center for Psychosocial Adaptation and Rehabilitation of Children and Adolescents who were forced to leave their homes with their parents due to hostilities. Providing them with a space to restore their psychological state.

Led by a certified psychologist for children with disabilities, Dobre Dim ('Good Home') has been highly successful in providing first-aid support to mental health for kids, as it is in a vested, physical location. It also uses a Telegram chatbot and sign-up to perform triage appropriately and enroll displaced children. It has helped over 600 kids to date from Dnipro and the region. Unfortunately, successful as it is, this project runs out of money in roughly a month. So we need to keep this program running as it becomes more effective, allowing it to provide mental health support to another 600 displaced children with individual and group psychology and child-safe activities to begin a healing process of PTSD – for three months. 

NB: Dobre Dim focuses on sensory integration with crafts like puddy, dolls, etc., as part of the beginning of healing significant trauma, i.e., Self-realization. These crafts build confidence in these children, from cookies to dolls, which are then sold to the general public, and proceeds are donated to a charity of the children's choice.

Project Budget: $37,991


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