Safe Space for Special Needs

Safe Space for Special Needs
Project Information

Project: Safe Space for Special Needs

Providing safe bomb shelters for school children with special needs

Sponsored organization: NGO ‘Statewatch’

Project Category: Relief

Period: since September 2022

Total Impact: 376 


Location: Zhytomyr Region

This project continues renovation of bomb shelters for state schools in Zhytomyr, serving children with disabilities.

Individuals with special needs, specifically children of school age sadly remain one of the most vulnerable categories of people. The unfortunate reality is that many of the schools and public places are not properly equipped to accommodate the needs of these people, let alone do it in extreme conditions, during an air raid alert. Equipping the schools with proper amenities, ramps for wheelchair users, and ventilation systems are some of the objectives that this project sets out to achieve, and Help Ukraine 22 is there to support it.

Project Budget: $40,000


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