Save a Life in Ukraine

Save a Life in Ukraine
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Project: Save a Life in Ukraine

Help Ukraine provided funding for our partners Save a Life in Ukraine to buy the needed medical equipment and medicine for the defenders of Ukraine that serve near Bakhmut. Another part of the funding went towards buying the tactical medkit shells for further assembly of 70 medkits.

Sponsored organization: Charity Fund "Save a Life in Ukraine"

Project Category: Relief

Period: May, 2023

Total Impact: 200





Location: Bakhmut, Ukraine

Help Ukraine Operation Palyanytsya provided us with funding that allowed us to buy hydrogel dressings for burns (200 pcs.), pulse oximeter, ventilator, stethoscope, tachometer, decompression needles (6 pcs.), soft stretchers, immobilization tires (5 pcs.). This was given to our defenders of 5th mechanized company, 31st Brigade, that were fighting near Bakhmut in May of 2023. These funds were also used to buy 70 soft shells for tactical medkits that we assemble ourselves and would later send to our defenders as well.

Project Budget: $1000


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