People’s Self-Defense of Lviv Region

People’s Self-Defense of Lviv Region
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Project: People’s Self-Defense of Lviv Region

This NGO organizes food, medicine and humanitarian supplies for those in need in eastern and southern Ukraine. Currently they have many humanitarian supplies but are lacking funding for fuel for their trucks to make deliveries to the locations in need. This request is to cover fuel costs for the deliveries.

Sponsored organization: People's Self-Defense Foundation (Narodna Samooborona)

Project Category: Relief

Period: May, 2023

Total Impact: 1660 





Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Thanks to Help Ukraine Operation Palaynatsya's support, we managed to buy 760 liters of diesel and send a truck of humanitarian aid to the east on an Easter trip. 

First, we stopped in Dnipro to deliver eight pallets of medicines to the Mechnikov Hospital we received from our German partners at the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital. Among them are consumables for ventilators, anesthesia, breathing apparatus, and medicines such as Unasyn, Cefuroxime, Paracetamol, Jonosteril, and others. 

We delivered bandages to the soldiers of the 80th Brigade and wheelchairs to individuals who had previously requested them,

We provided medicine to the soldiers of the 128th Brigade and supplied medicine and hygiene products in Kramatorsk to our airborne unit from the Kharkiv direction. In addition, we gave them clothes, medicine, hygiene products, food, blankets, etc., at the center on the Donetsk highway near the Dnipro River to distribute to those in need.

Finally, the generators, military equipment on request, and of course, goodies for the defenders of Ukraine were handed over at Konstantinovka!

In Dnipro, about 600 soldiers receive treatment in hospitals for various injuries. Additionally, 200 stormtroopers from the 80th Brigade, 1st Company, and 2nd Battalion were also among those we helped.

About 60 civilians in need in the combat zone received wheelchairs, hygiene, and food on the Donetsk highway from our volunteers.

About 400 soldiers of the 128th Brigade received medical supplies (bandages, hemostatic bandages, antibiotics, vitamins, antipyretics, and various medicines). The air defense unit received detergents, hygiene products, and food for about 100 soldiers.

Konstantynivka is the last town before Bakhmut, where generators, military equipment, food and hygiene products, bandages, and hemostatic products were delivered to about 300 soldiers. Unfortunately, this will only last them for several days.

Project Budget: $1000


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