Orphan Graduates Pt. I

Orphan Graduates Pt. I
Project Information

Project: Orphan Graduates Pt. I

Crisis assistance to boarding school graduates who has been affected by the hostilities in Ukraine.

Sponsored organization: The Kyiv Children and Youth Support Center

Project Category: Relief

Period: March 2022

Total Impact: 115





Location: All regions of Ukraine, but mostly Kherson, Kyiv, Donetsk regions

Orphan Graduates Pt. I is a project spearheaded by Bohdan from the Kyiv Children and Youth Support Center. It targets adults who have aged out of orphanages who are often disabled young people, many of them with children.

Help Ukraine 22 supported the project's initiative to provide one-time financial assistance to young people who have lost their livelihood due to hostilities, allowing them to purchase food, medicine, and other basic necessities or relocate to a safer place in Ukraine or abroad.

Project Budget: $10,000


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