Four-Legged Hostages of War

Four-Legged Hostages of War
Project Information

Project: Four-Legged Hostages of War

Providing care for the pets who ended up homeless because of the war. The project provides temporary fostering for the pets while looking for new permanent families for the animals.

Sponsored organization: Bakhmut Animal Protection Society LADA

Project Category: Relief

Period: March 2022

Total Impact: 24





Location: Donetsk Region

Many in the haste of escaping the invasion needed to leave their beloved pets behind and others were left with limited supplies. With HU22's support, the team running the project handed out food to the animal caregiver and  owners who could no longer feed these pets. The team also provided shelter, care, and treatment to 170 animals (dogs and cats) affected by the war.

In the future, there is a plan to construct a permanent enclosures for stray animals, as the number of the homeless animals  has increased significantly. They hope also to provide warm safe spaces  for animals with injuries (spinal cord injuries, gunshot wounds) and animals with special needs.

Project Budget: $5000


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