Aid to the Vulnerable Groups in Avdiivka

Aid to the Vulnerable Groups in Avdiivka
Project Information

Project: Aid to the Vulnerable Groups in Avdiivka

The purchase of household chemicals, disbursement of pre-packaged hygienic packages, and targeted aid to people according to the list received from the Department of Social Protection and the Territorial Center of the Avdiivka City Military-Civil Administration.

Sponsored organization: NGO "Professional Innovative Creative Ideas of Avdiivka"

Project Category: Resupply

Period: March, 2022

Total Impact: 1115





Location: Donetsk Region

Originally “Aid to the Vulnerable Groups in Avdiivka” intended to purchase hygiene product kits for people in the Donetsk oblast. However, at the implementation stage it was discovered that a large batch of hygiene products had already been sent. The project leaders pivoted and consulted with local city authorities to rebuild and provide relief. They distributed batteries and power banks, installed generators in the shelters, and helped repair crews obtain the necessary tools to repair the houses damaged during the shelling. At the same time, the project team helped evacuate people with special needs from Avdiivka and helped them relocate to a safer area. In addition, as the number of stray animals in the city streets surged they reacted by purchasing animal food.

Project Budget: $4953


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