Humanitarian IDP Support Center

Humanitarian IDP Support Center
Project Information

Project: Humanitarian IDP Support Center

Providing humanitarian and psychological assistance to children and women with children affected by hostilities in Eastern Ukraine.

Sponsored organization: NGO 'Public Space of Development'

Project Category: Relief

Period: March 2022

Total Impact: 14,932





Location: Donetsk Region

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the NGO Rozvytok ("Development") reoriented its activities towards responding to the public's needs. Faced with an influx of civilians fleeing combat zones and arriving in the city in search of humanitarian assistance, representatives of the organization focused their efforts on distributing humanitarian aid. Further, they collected data on human rights violations and information from the affected people. With HU22's support, the NGO established and maintained a humanitarian assistance center for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Dobropillya community. They provided comprehensive humanitarian assistance including: an information center,, counseling, psychological supportl, and other assistance to the people.

Due to the escalation of the war in the Donbas region, the NGO started free evacuation of civilians. 1700 people aged 70+ were applying weekly as the need was tremendous. On top of that, some NGO representatives moved to the Poltava region, aiming to organize another IDP support effort in the Shcherbanivska community.

Project Budget: $4910


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