Women's Perspectives Center

Women's Perspectives Center
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Project: Women's Perspectives Center

Providing assistance to IDPs (Internally displaced people) (women with children) through placing them into shelter, providing psychological and social support during the challenging times of war.

Sponsored organization: NGO Women's Perspectives Center

Project Category: Relief

Period: March - April 2022

Total Impact: 772 





Location: Lviv

Just after the Russian invasion, Women's Perspectives center put together temporary shelter for women with children near Lviv near a railway station to assist incoming internally displaced people. The team has said that: "It was crucial to help those fleeing the war.   Since all trains came mostly in the evening and at night, we offered accommodation, specifically for women with small children 3 months and older. In addition, we were able to provide all the IDPs  (Internally Displaced Persons) with three meals per day, baby food (baby formula), clothing, and essential hygiene products. At the same time, we developed a psychological support system for women and children. We provided counseling  on combating human trafficking, safe travel abroad, stress resistance, the impact of stress on children, and how to make decisions in times of uncertainty. Together with other NGOs, we helped refugees with children find safe opportunities to travel abroad. Thus, together with the Women's Consortium of Ukraine, we organized and ensured the relocation of 100+ women with children from the regions under siege or occupied  to the safer countries like  Spain, Poland, Germany, Italy, Finland, and Sweden. 

Fast forward to the present, we can now help more people as we have enough volunteer resources, specialists and experts. Now we can: rent more  housing options  to provide long-term accommodation for women and children, create daycare centers, expand employment programs for women, provide training and  workshops about starting their own businesses for a faster reintegration into a safe lifestyle. 

"Help Ukraine 22 was among the first organizations to provide significant support; without them, this would not have been possible, so we are grateful to them very much," says the project leader Liubov.

Project Budget: $48,500

Before the war, Lyubov, Head of the Women's Perspectives NGO based in Lviv, started the first-ever Ukrainian NGO to stop the trafficking of women.

We helped her open her second women's shelter when the war started. Now she has six. Lyubov supports more than 1,000 women, women, and children a month who were displaced by war.

What does Lyubov have to say about Operation Palyanytsya? Listen for yourself. 



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